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Looking for manuscripts

Have you finished your manuscript? Are you ready for the next steps before you submit to a publishing house or before you self-publish? I would love to help you out. I have been editing for a while and the rest of my year has opened up. This is just for proofreading not a full developmental…

Why I self-publish

For my friends who wonder why I continue to sell my books on my own and choose self-publishing over traditional publishing, I have my reasons. I would never 100% snub traditional publishing if they wanted one of my books. Never. I will, however, never submit my books to them because their requirements are stupid. STUPID.…

Albert Martinez

That’s my brother. He was 51 years old. It hurt me to type “was.” I lost him on Sunday January 16th. He died in a motorcycle accident and I am so mad. I am sad. I am devastated. I hadn’t spoken to him recently and I feel terrible. We were good with each other. No…