Erin Elyse is an incredible editor whom I am grateful to have worked with during the editing process of my debut horror novel, “We Are The Monsters”. She contributed her expertise for storytelling and the craft of the written word as she throughly edited my manuscript. She meticulously corrected my spelling, grammar, sentence structure errors AND even helped me with errors in the plot of my story. I greatly appreciated and enjoyed her constructive notes she wrote throughout the editing process. Erin also formatted my manuscript for print and ebook publishing. My book would not be published or be what it is today without her help. With her years of experience in writing, editing and her passion for storytelling, she is an amazing person to collaborate with on your fiction/nonfiction project.

Mary Imagination
Author of “We are the Monsters.”

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Service A: Editing!

My prices are :

$2 for every 1,000 words for Proofreading
$5 for every 1,000 words for Editing

There are two types of editing services I do.

Technical or Line edit:
-Active or passive voice
-Adjective usage
-American English/grammar/usage, modifier usage

-Read-through for errors
-Document analysis

Genres I edit:
-Contemporary Romance
-Science Fiction
-New Adult

*I am sorry but I do not edit non-fiction*

I have a B.A. in Journalism and have been writing/publishing for almost a decade. Writing is how we connect with each other. We heeded the call to continue the ancient tradition of telling stories. Let me help you with yours.

As I edit, I will work with you until you are satisfied. This includes answering questions, to checking rewrites for new edits, and anything else you may need to polish your work.

I accept Paypal and Venmo, Zelle, Whatsapp

The author will pay a one-time fee based on total word count once you email me the manuscript. I will also accept works in batches ( I prefer this, because it is daunting and overwhelming to receive an entire manuscript of edits. I don’t want to make you feel anxious. This is about putting your best work out into the world.). By batches, I mean that you send me 5 or 10 chapters at a time. I work them and send them back to you. This way, you can go through the edits and ask me anything while I continue with the next batch of chapters.