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Can a mystery novelist fall in love with a serial killer?

After escaping a crazed fan, Eva moves to a new city to heal. While she distracts herself writing her newest novel, she meets Max, a self-proclaimed serial murderer with killer good lucks.

Max was good at killing and finding women to bed was never a problem. Eva was different. When he saw the scars on her body, he wanted to tear apart anyone who dared to hurt her. He gets a chance when her stalker returns.

Can Max protect Eva with his particular set of skills?
Can Eva learn to trust again?

Ravinia was escaping her life through her work. She was a personal assistant working through a staffing agency that catered to the Kink community. She was desperate for steady work to keep her away from her ex and her family and to hide a secret magical power that keeps bubbling out.
Gabriel was part of a family of men who headlined a popular black metal band in Sweden. He is gruff, all business, and now runs a management company that still promotes his old band with a new singer. However, everyone that gets sent to help him ends up distracting him from his work. He is a follower of the dark arts and isn’t afraid to use magic to get what he wants.
Can Ravinia help him organize his life and help him open up?
Can Gabriel protect Ravinia from her past?

What would you do if your mind was psychically connected to someone else? What if that someone else was a vampire?

Michelle begins having vivid dreams from the point of view of a male vampire. Tobbe, the vampire, realizes the dreams are an actual psychic connection. Can these two find out how they are connected?

Her mother went missing long ago. Her father died without revealing what happened. Now, Michelle must figure why and how her mind connected with a vampire’s mind. One nightmare went wrong and they feel something more.

Raine finds herself in The Hollow, a Darkling sanctuary, where she can explore her abilities. She finds love and much more but there is a darkness that is lurking from the Shadowlands. Tom lives in The Hollow and loves his job as an incubus. When the word is out that the banished have escaped, he does all he can to protect the one he loves. But is it enough? Join these two as they discover how steamy love can be as they fight to protect the world they live in.