ME. Waiting patiently for you.

I write a lot. I did not lie in one of my previous posts about the services I am providing now. On my current to do list:

  1. Edit a horror novel – I am on the third 100 pages of this novel.
  2. Castlevania fanfic- part 2
  3. Ghost/Behemoth Orgy fanfic
  4. Ghost BDSM fanfic

If you want to read the commissions I have done. Click here to go to my AO3 profile. The first three submissions are my latest commissions.

I need more work. It does not have to be Ghost related. But it helps!

If you are reading this and have opinions about fanfic, that’s cool. Just scroll past my site. 🙂 If you want to know what I write or my writing style. Please click the above link and read. My most popular work is entitled “Stand By Him.”

I want to bring your ultimate fantasies to life. There is nothing you can ask of me that will make me judge you. This isn’t about me. It is about you. Bring me your deepest darkest fantasy and I will make sure it comes to life on paper. My customers are happy and are already saving up for more.

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