My Book Cover Artist!

Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you so cute?
I’m Danni, a 29 year old disabled artist from Yorkshire, England. I’m not cute! 😂

How did you get into art?
I’ve always been of the arty farty nature, art classes were always my favourite in school along with the sciences. My auntie is an artist too, she creates beautiful charcoal and paint pieces of country scenes and flowers, maybe I get it from her? She always bought me the best (and messiest) art related gifts as a kid.

How did you meet Erin Elyse?
Through our love of the band Ghost! We started interacting in Facebook groups dedicated to the band and our relationship has grown from there. Honestly, I don’t think I could thank that band enough for introducing me to such wonderfully talented and kind people like Erin, she truly is my American sister and we talk almost every day ❤️

What do you use to create your masterpieces?
I’ve mostly moved to digital work recently (because art supplies aren’t cheap!), so do pretty much all of my work on the iPad using Procreate. I still like to crack the paints out now and again because painting ‘in real life’ is very therapeutic to me, and I sculpt with clay now and again when I feel like getting really messy haha.

Where can we find your work?
On Instagram!
My personal account @dannimikila has been fully hijacked by my art nowadays, and so many people know that account now that it’s way too much hassle to rebrand. I’ll pretty much always accept an add on Facebook too and try my best to respond to all messages, I like making friends!

You can also find her work on Redbubble here.

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