Moi! Did I do a full makeup face while wearing a Golden Girls shirt? Yes. I did. This is my life now. 🙂

It’s my birthday today! I am *cough * years-old. I am giving myself a challenge for my birthday month. I don’t post as often as I should and my social media exposure is non-existent. I tend to observe more than engage. I need to change that.

So, for my first post of this glorious month of February 2021. I am putting out there that I am available for editing projects. Any and all! If you are in the middle of one and need to see if your project is worth continuing, email me. If you finished a project and edited it for content and just need another set of eyes for grammar and punctuation, I GOTCHU!

I am a content editor. I can read manuscripts or letters and let you know if it flows well. I am also a copyeditor. I did go to school for this. My major was in Journalism and I keep up with modern editing and research it on my own. Gimme your works. Let’s polish it up for you to either self-publish (which I can guide you through) or to submit your manuscript to agents or publishing houses as queries.

I have prices located in my Services tab. I don’t charge a lot, when I should, because I want editing to be available to any and everyone. I’ve been there looking at prices and seeing what looks to be affordable but when added up, the total seems like I could buy a used car for cheaper. Reaching your goals, should never put you in debt.

Love you!
Erin Elyse

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