Why I self-publish

For my friends who wonder why I continue to sell my books on my own and choose self-publishing over traditional publishing, I have my reasons.

I would never 100% snub traditional publishing if they wanted one of my books. Never.

I will, however, never submit my books to them because their requirements are stupid. STUPID.

They want you to have a decent following on ALL your social media. They also want sales to back up your followers. The only thing you really get from traditional if you have all of that before you sign with them, is a bigger advertising budget and reach.

And one slightly annoying reason that is a HUGE deal for Authors like me.

I am brown. They don’t want books written by people like me. They prefer to generate bad/good publicity with writers who claim to be like me but are not. It doesn’t matter as long as people are buying books that generate a profit for them.

I am a latina author. I write dark romance. I write paranormal romance. I write science fiction. Do you know how many publicly lauded authors just like me are out there? None off the top of my head.

This is why I self-publish. I don’t want my books to be edited to be just like every other formulaic book out there. My stories are fresh and real. They are told from a girl who grew up listening to rock and metal and love kinks and love to destroy and dismantle shitty writing tropes (I HATE the misscommunication trope).

So support your indie authors. We are fighting against racism, formulaic writing, and best-selling lists (that are apparently bought instead of earned). This is why I self-publish. This is why I post my books constantly.

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