About Me Cont’d

I love Ghost, which you will soon find out in future posts.
This is me!

I didn’t write much in my About Me section so I thought I would write my first official blog post about…ME!

The usual author backstory is I have always written from when I was small. I had diaries and lived in my imaginary worlds. As a grown up, I wanted to write and tried to keep track of ideas in several notebooks. I had so many ideas that I filled 13 of them. One day, depression overcame me and I tossed them all. The ideas that stayed with me are still rattling around in my head but for me if they stay in my head and I think about them, they will be written down when they are ready.

I have written FIVE books so far. On my books page, you see only three listed. The other two haven’t been released just yet. I am working with an artist friend who is just amazing. AMAZING. I have bought so much of her artwork and have commissioned her a few times for personal portraits. She loved both of my new stories and is working on book covers for both of them. I cannot wait to show you her work. The sneak peek she gave me of one book cover is just breathtaking. I’m almost wondering if my book can live up to the cover. (I’ll introduce you to her in a later post, so keep coming back!)

I love writing and will continue to write even if I am not a bestseller. It isn’t about the money for me. (I know, I roll my eyes every time I read that very thing from other authors) but its true. Right now I am not making a dime off my works and I am still sitting at my laptop and cranking out chapters left and right. I love creating stories that people can get lost in. I love writing such filth that gets people squirming in their seats with longing. This is something I was meant to do and I will continue to do so.

In the coming weeks, I will be doing a book cover reveal for both novels. I will be sharing excerpts from both novels to get you interested. I will also be writing about my process, how I approach outlining, how I get my manuscripts ready to self-publish. I will also be going over why I choose to self-publish over traditional publishing. I will include playlists of what I listen to when I want to be inspired (can’t just sit there and wait for it), and who/what inspires me on the daily. I’ll introduce you to my artist friend(s) and get you on the level with real talent. I am here to share my worlds and help other follow their dreams of writing the next great american novel or just to write a fantasy that plagues their mind.

So thank you for stopping by!

Erin Elyse

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