Book Cover Reveal and Pre-Order!

Hey! You are lucky to stumble across my site. I have the book cover reveal for my newest paranormal romance novel, Always Again. My cover was created by the awesome artist Danni Mikila. You can find her on Instagram @dannimikila. Isn't it gorgeous?!??!?!? I love her work. I love everything she creates. She does commissions… Continue reading Book Cover Reveal and Pre-Order!

Book Release Day!

Today July 18th, 2020, my fourth novel was released on Amazon. Blood, Lust, and Secrets is a vampire romance novel with elements of thrill thrown in for fun! I have worked so hard for a year perfecting the story and making sure it was good enough to self-publish. I found an artist who I love… Continue reading Book Release Day!

About Me Cont’d

I love Ghost, which you will soon find out in future posts. This is me! I didn't write much in my About Me section so I thought I would write my first official blog post about...ME! The usual author backstory is I have always written from when I was small. I had diaries and lived… Continue reading About Me Cont’d