Writer’s Block

Blood, Lust, and Secrets when I got writer’s block. I worked through it!

I have read so many articles and twitter threads concerning Writer’s Block. Too many (arrogant) people believe it doesn’t exist. They seem to believe that if you are a true writer you will never have this happen to you.


You are a true writer if you write. I mean, there is no way around it. If you wake up wanting to write and then sit down to do it, please call yourself a writer. Not every idea is going to be fleshed out easily. Sometimes you are on a roll and things are clicking, your characters are hilarious and are following the outline. All of a sudden, you hit it. The dreaded wall of no productivity because … reasons.

It could be one scene, you can see it in your head so clearly but when you write it out, it doesn’t want to work. The words are all wrong. Maybe you realized this scene works better earlier in the draft or maybe your mind went completely blank on what happens next.

There are so many tips and guilt trips posted out there for Writer’s Block.

The one that consistently work for me is to use brackets [ ].

I always know what will come next when writing a scene. When I reach a point where I cannot write I just bracket out what should happen and move on.

For example:
[Protagonist and Antagonist have sarcastic argument before they physically fight]

Then I start writing the next part. I did this with my latest book, Blood, Lust, and Secrets. I have two small children so sometimes when I am on a roll, I cannot write sex scenes when I am fetching drinks, snacks, or having them stare at me. It kills the mood. So I put in brackets what type of scene I will write and when I have time alone, I put on some music, drink some wine and just write all the sex. ALL THE SEX.

You do not have to write everything down when you write your story. With your first draft, just get out the major important scenes. You will be working on your story until it’s right anyways. Do not rush the process or yourself. It will be done when it’s done.

Writer’s block can last for awhile. Sometimes you just need to step away and not come back until you are ready. This could be a couple of hours, or a couple of days, or months, or even a year or more. Trust the process.

Life gets in the way when you write. I have two small children and they require my attention all the time. I sneak in my writing when I can but sometimes I just stare at my screen wondering what should happen next in my story and nothing comes out. It happens. I make sure everything is saved and walk away. Playing with my kids, watching whatever streaming service I have, reading, talking with friends, and listening to music will ALWAYS spark an idea that gets me to the next scene. Embrace writer’s block. Embrace your life and I guarantee you will get past it every time.

Erin Elyse

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