Signed Copies

If you are interested I will be taking orders for a signed copy of Blood, Lust, and Secrets. It will be $20 per copy. 🙂 The only thing I ask is patience, because Amazon is taking a lot longer to get books delivered to me. Message me and I will send you an invoice through… Continue reading Signed Copies

Writer’s Block

Blood, Lust, and Secrets when I got writer's block. I worked through it! I have read so many articles and twitter threads concerning Writer's Block. Too many (arrogant) people believe it doesn't exist. They seem to believe that if you are a true writer you will never have this happen to you. False.You are a… Continue reading Writer’s Block

Book Release Day!

Today July 18th, 2020, my fourth novel was released on Amazon. Blood, Lust, and Secrets is a vampire romance novel with elements of thrill thrown in for fun! I have worked so hard for a year perfecting the story and making sure it was good enough to self-publish. I found an artist who I love… Continue reading Book Release Day!

Book Cover Reveal

July 18th, 2020 Blood, Lust, and Secrets will be released on Amazon and various other ebook sites on July 18th. Starting tomorrow, July 5th, you can pre-order it on Amazon. In the coming days, I will share my process for writing a novel and answer any questions on why I am self-publishing rather than traditional… Continue reading Book Cover Reveal