Current Works in Progress

While I have two new books released this year and one that will release in two months, I am still writing. I have two more stories that are being worked on. I have four more down the shoot. And my biggest worry is not the stories themselves but what happens when I am done with them. Will I have ideas pouring out of me when I type out the last line of the final book I have plotted?

I am hoping that while I am writing these stories, more ideas will come out and smack me in the face. I love writing. Thanks to the the lovely shitshow that 2020 has been, I was able to write stories that people love.

I am trying to figure out marketing. I am a noob at getting noticed. If anyone who reads my blog knows how to market self-published books, please please please message me and guide me. With my husband working so hard, I feel helpless and want to contribute to finances. Working out in the public is not an option when Corona is still very much out there in the world.

As for the two books I am working on here are a little synopsis of the stories.

Love with a splash of Murder:
A famous murder mystery novelist moves into a new city to escape a crazy fan. She is researching for her newest novel that she had procrastinated on in a library. She bumps into a man who is amazingly hot and turns out to be a serial killer, who loves her writing. Can their love work? Can she trust him to protect her from her crazed fan? We shall see.

Forever Always:
Third book in my Always Series. This follows Gabriel’s younger brother. He is heartbroken when a love interest doesn’t reciprocate and even goes so far as to try and kill him to get away from him. He mopes around and turns angry at a sub who was ordered to help him recover. She formerly engaged in a sexual relationship with him and he wooed her with promises of attention. He hurts her while he recovers and realizes too late that the love he seeks he already had. Can he win her back? Maybe….maybe not. A new suitor comes for her and now he has to fight for her love. Is this love worth fighting for?

I cannot wait for people to read them. If you want sneak peaks, I am currently working on them chapter by chapter on a sharing site. But if you want to wait till its done, I’ll keep you updated with publication release dates.

Erin Elyse

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