For new writers

Photo by Kaboompics .com on I think a lot of us, before we become seasoned writers, do research. We research about researching. We want to make sure we avoid mistakes others have made as self-published authors. However, I think when we do this, we end up scaring ourselves. The only way you are going… Continue reading For new writers

Services I provide

Thanks to corona, my plans have changed. I had planned on finding work this fall to help with home expenses. However, I don't feel comfortable sending my daughter to school since I live in a state that is now a hotspot (Texas). To protect my family, we are going to do online learning and work… Continue reading Services I provide

Writing Process con’td

As a writer, I am constantly evolving my process and learning about the craft. There isn't one way to write. And what works for you one time, may not work for you with your next work in progress. Last night on my hours long scroll through Tiktok, I came across another writer and how she… Continue reading Writing Process con’td