Once I figure out how to wrangle wordpress I will be updating my site slightly. I am an author who loves to write. That is my calling but I do have services I can provide others.

I will make a new tab on my site for Services I can provide for a price.

Editing: $1 per page. $100 minimum. (8×10 pages only)

Formatting: $75 for Ebook $100 for Paperback $150 for both.

I will only work on editing ONE book a month since I am a mom and a writer. I have obligations to make sure my family is cared for and I have 7 books to write for myself. I will let you know what month I will work on your manuscript.

As for formatting, my only stipulations is you have to send me a finished and edited manuscript along with the fonts you want to use.

Under no circumstance, will you get my phone number and talk to me. I do not want to be texted, and called repeatedly until I answer. Emails and maybe messenger if you are a friend on social media.

When I edit, I print out the manuscript and hand edit. When I read on my laptop, my eyes jump around and I miss things. When you pay me to work for you, I take it very seriously and I take my time. If you have a manuscript that is 400 or more pages, I will edit in batches. One hundred pages per week of the month you get. If you send me a google doc, I will copy and paste into Word to do my edits. I will not share your work on any of my social media. When I print them out to edit, I do not toss them into the trash. I keep until I can properly shred and dispose of them. (I am weird about my own work being printed also, so I shred. I will alert you when I do this so you can rest assured your work will not be stolen)

When you come to me with your manuscript, you have to know how many pages it is. Format your document as an 8×10 document and tell me the final page count. I don’t charge by the word. If you come at me with a word count, I can and will charge you 3 cents per word and that gets costly. I am trying to make editing affordable for anyone and everyone.

As for editing, when I work, I make notes on your document. I highlight and make comments on the side of the page.

I do not do book cover art. I can, but I don’t. If you need someone to walk you through publishing on Amazon, please let me know and I will hold your hand and help you. Self-publishing is scary but I don’t want you to think you are a lone.

I will edit this image with updated costs. Please note, these charges are no longer valid except for the fanfic.

That other service, writing personalized fanfiction, is open but one or two per month and it depends on how long you want. That price won’t stay the same if you want a multi-chapter fanfic.

All payments will be done via Paypal invoice. 🙂 That will be available on the new page tab when I get it set up. 🙂

Erin Elyse

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