For new writers

Photo by Kaboompics .com on I think a lot of us, before we become seasoned writers, do research. We research about researching. We want to make sure we avoid mistakes others have made as self-published authors. However, I think when we do this, we end up scaring ourselves. The only way you are going… Continue reading For new writers

99 cent ebooks

Christmas is this Friday!! I can't believe we have made it to Christmas this year. 2020 has been eye-opening in many ways. Now, since this holiday is going to be drastically different than any Christmas before I decided to make my ebooks all 99 cents. With everyone, hopefully and responsibly social distancing, you can send… Continue reading 99 cent ebooks

Being a Mom and Writing

The one commonly asked question in FB writing groups is : How do you find time to write? I have two kids. Both are under the age of 7. I had them two and a half years apart. My life has been insane since they were born. I self-published my first book in 2016. I… Continue reading Being a Mom and Writing

Signed Copies

If you are interested I will be taking orders for a signed copy of Blood, Lust, and Secrets. It will be $20 per copy. 🙂 The only thing I ask is patience, because Amazon is taking a lot longer to get books delivered to me. Message me and I will send you an invoice through… Continue reading Signed Copies