Why I Self-Publish

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I would love to have a publishing house reach out to me and tell me they love my works and want to publish my new books. I would love it. Why don’t I do it?


I have severe control issues. I have given up time to write my stories exactly how I want them. I write because the books I want to read, aren’t on the shelves. I don’t want some editor to swoop in and change my book to make it “marketable.” I don’t want someone to tell me what my book cover should look like and have no say over anything else.

People who criticize self-published books usually have the same complaint. Misspelled words or weird grammar they spotted. That is a legit complaint. I can understand that. But traditionally published books have misspelled words and their syntax is well, shit. It happens! We are all human and errors happen. But you cannot judge a book based on iffy grammar and syntax along with misspelled words. Base it on the story. Base it on how it made you feel. If you didn’t connect, then it wasn’t for you.

I write books for me and secretly hope many people fall in love with my characters. I do dream of success in terms of making enough to take care of my family. I don’t wish for worldwide superstar status. I just want to be able to pay a bill or two to justify all the time away from my kids and husband.

I wouldn’t turn down a publishing contract. I really wouldn’t but I would be wary of the terms and I would demand a lot of control. These are my stories that I came up with. I took time to write them. I worried about them. I nurtured these stories. It is hard enough to write as it is. I am proud that I can self-publish.

So I will continue to self-publish. I will continue to write what makes my heart sing. I will support my friend, Danni, to draw my covers. I will even push myself to create my own covers when she backed up with her own commissions. I will strive to be a role model for other writers who are scared or need a guide to self-publish.

This is my path and I am proud of it.

Erin Elyse

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