Love with a Splash of Murder

The title of my new book is a long one. I tried and tried to get it shorter but nothing felt right. I finished it however. I did two rounds of edits that seemed to last forever. I had beta readers go over it and it was overwhelmingly loved.

Self-publishing is hard. All of the decisions you must make is exhausting. I try not to care about what the market wants because I am not writing for the market. I am writing for myself. My entire career of writing began because I was tired of not finding books I wanted to read. So here is one book that I can guarantee no one has written.

What is my book about?

A mystery writer moves into a new city to hide from her past. A serial killer is on a break in between his projects. They meet and sparks fly. Can the mystery writer really handle a serial killer? What happens when the mystery writer’s past finds her?

It is a thriller. It has gore. It has erotic scenes. It is everything I wish I could find on the bookshelves.

My book will be released October 2021. Are you ready?

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