Revisiting Shadowlands

created by me using Canva

I needed to update my Shadowlands cover. I never really liked the one I had created before. It seemed to be lacking something. One day earlier this year, an idea came to me and a sequel was born. I ran to canva and made a mock-up cover and fell in love. But then I worried that it wouldn’t match up to the first book. It is amazing how the sequel’s cover was made in a matter of minutes but this took me a long while.

I like this cover though. It gives hints without giving too much away.

I am currently uploading it to my Amazon today. It should go live in a day or two.

ALSO, I am going to try and get my published works on multiple platforms. I have stayed strictly with Amazon and I know it has been limiting. I will keep everyone updated on where I expand my works.

Thanks for being my fans and loyal readers. I hope to create more worlds and characters for you to fall in love with.

-Erin Elyse

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