Upcoming Books

Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

As a writer, I can never just sit back and enjoy that I have finished book after book. I am always plotting for the next book. You have to if you want this to be a career. It’s hard to leave the worlds I create for a new one. But it must be done.

The upcoming books I am currently plotting and writing:

The Damaged, third and final book in my The Displaced trilogy.

Second book in the Always Again series.

My cyberpunk book, that I keep replotting over and over. I have scenes in my head for this story but making them flow together into one story is ridiculously hard.

All of these stories are rattling around in my head. I started writing the first one. But the second one is technically done but I need to change some things around. The third one, I feel like I’ve been plotting it for 4 years now. It will happen. I have a feeling it will emerge from my brain like a dream.

I got some work to do. And I happily sit in front of my laptop staring at blank screen imagining what will happen. I love writing. I hate the editing. I hate that I know about writing and editing and my books are always crap before I fix them up. But I know I get better with each story I finish. I learn more after each book. I feel better about myself after each book.

So I write.

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