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I think a lot of us, before we become seasoned writers, do research. We research about researching. We want to make sure we avoid mistakes others have made as self-published authors. However, I think when we do this, we end up scaring ourselves.

The only way you are going to learn about writing is to get in there and write. You won’t know what point of view you should write if you haven’t written in 1st or 3rd. You won’t know which you prefer to write. I LOVE reading 1st person but I cannot and will not write in 1st. You need to understand how your own brain wants to tell a story.

Do not get lost in the “rules” of writing and publishing. Know what they are and take what serves you. We all have different voices as new writers and too many of you are scared to really put yourself out there because you are different. Being different is wonderful in this industry.

WHY? The books that break the mold and change the way people think set the standard. When certain books become worldwide phenomenon’s, publishers try to ride that wave of popularity. So instead of trying to fit into that certain mold of popularity, be the one that sets the trend. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

The truth is, there are many people who are very successful right now, whose books aren’t that great. You could be the one that sets the standard for being great, thought out, and a new voice that the world needs.

Don’t get lost in the rules or “how to write a book” sites. Don’t get overwhelmed with the different ways to outline a book. Just try them and see what works for YOU. What works for me or another author may not work for you. I am a panster who hand writes her first drafts. I rarely if ever outline. I’ve tried to write in different points of views. I have tried staying in only one genre. I know that I will never write children’s books, middle grade books, or the next great American novel. I write books I want to see when I go book shopping. I write because I want to see more Latinas being represented in the industry. I write to show others that their daydreams and ideas can be written down.

Just write, my loves. Write the story that is singing in your heart. There is no wrong way to write that story. If you think it’s terrible, there are editors out there who can fix it and make it shine. Don’t give up. Write your story.

-Erin Elyse

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